Sediment Filters

Filter Medias- Automatic Sediment Filters

Filter-AG®. Clack Filter-Ag is a non-hydrous silicon dioxide media which can be used as highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended matter. Filter-Ag fractured edges and irregular surface provides a high surface area and complex flow path for efficient removal of suspended matter throughout the filter bed, typically reducing suspended solids down to the 20-40 micron range. Filter-Ag’s larger particle size creates less pressure loss through the filter and allows deeper sediment penetration into the bed for higher sediment loading and longer filter runs. Filter-Ag’s light weight means lower backwash rates and better bed expansion to release trapped sediment and rinse the filter media during the backwash cycle.

*Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are designed to trap sand, sediment or silt in the water. The size of the sediment being removed is sized in microns. Depending on the size micron of the particle there are different types of filter inserts available. Cartridge filter housings are available in many sizes to accommodate any flow rate.

Automatic Water Filters

Big Blue & Big Clear Filter Housings

Valve-In-Head Filter Housings