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Radon Aeration Systems.. for Well Water



Radon Aeration SystemsAeration units remove gases from water. The most common gases in water are; radon, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) and carbon dioxide (acid water).  Aeration is accomplished via air pumps, well line venturi-mirconizer, or bubbling(aerating) the water in an atmospheric chamber. We offer all of the methods listed, but for the best results, we recommend the diffused bubble aeration process.  The image to the right is an aeration system that acts as an acid neutralizer as well.  Our technicians go over all the benefits, explain how the system works as well as answer any questions you have.Radon in Your Well WaterIn addition to the risk of Radon in the air you breathe, Radon can be present in your home's water. If your home's water source is well water, we recommend having your water tested.  Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and heightens the risk for existing smokers.Because Radon exists in the soil and rocks, most people in Connecticut are aware of the dangers that lurk in basements.  Local homes get tested regularly for Radon gas, but the threat of Radon in your water is often overlooked.  Showering, drinking water, doing the dishes, running the dishwasher are everyday home activities that can temporarily elevate radon levels.


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Contact our offices to talk with a water quality professionals about having your water tested. We will then present the results and a suggested course of action, if necessary.  We have installed Radon Aeration systems throughout the area. After installation, we will come back out to test the water and ensure that the unit is functioning properly.If you are in the market to purchase, sell, or broker a home or office sale, water quality can often be a stumbling block for the transaction.

Easier to Clean & Maintain

Save time and money long-term

It is very difficult to remove the bubble container, and even takes a professional alot of time do so. It also very difficult to clean. The bubble container gets fouled up with mineral build-up over time. This build-up can impart quality on the water, hold on to bacteria and reduce the effectiveness of radon removal.

As you can see in the picture here, all of the components are accessible as you soon as you remove the lid to the Airaider. This makes it easy to clean the chamber and other components.

Additional Features to Know About

Easier Installation

Save on plumbing

Self-Contained Unit

No separate pumps and pipes to install

Quieter Operation

Built-in pump

Self-Contained Unit

Reduces the audible level of pump noise

Smaller Footprint

Unobtrusive, compact design

Free Up Space

Get space back for storage or just reduce clutter

No Sweating

Double Insulated

Self-Contained Unit

The double-wall foam-insulated tank will not sweat

Lead Free

Meets SDWA requirements

Self-Contained Unit

Meets SDWA Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act requirements

Easier Maintenance

Fully accessible 

Self-Contained Unit

Easy cleaning from the top

Hands-Free Startup

Starts automatically

Self-Contained Unit

When the switch is on, the S50X model will start automatically as needed

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