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Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of osmosis. By applying pressure to the water solution of higher concentration (the incoming water), the flow of liquid is reversed. Under these conditions, the membrane still rejects the contaminants but allows the fresh, cleansed water to pass through. The purified water is then stored in a holding tank and the contaminants are flushed away. This process is typically used to remove sodium from the water, but will also remove dangerous items such as; arsenic, uranium, nitrates, lead and range of other potential contaminants giving you reverse osmosis drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis Water.. Choose the Right System

Eclipse RO System

Eclipse RO System

Learn all about the benefits offered by our Eclipse Reverse Osmosis Water System


Aquathin Aqualite RO Unit

Learn all about the benefits offered by our Aquathin Aqualite Reverse Osmosis Water System

Ecosoft Robust Reverse Osmosis

Ecosoft Robust

Learn all about the benefits offered by our Ecosoft Robust Reverse Osmosis System

Tomlinson RO Faucet Styles

Tomlinson RO Faucets

Choose from a variety of Reverse Osmosis faucets to match your kitchen design

Everpure 4FC Filter Cartridge

Everpure 4FC Filter Cartridge

Deliver premium quality water for fountain and combination applications.

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